Capabilities Brochure / Everlane

Capabilities Brochure for Tor Hovind's Intermediate Typography class at California State University – Long Beach. The 12-page spread features an outer cover printed on transparent vellum to reflect Everlane's policy of radical transparency. Everlane is a clothing company based in San Francisco. Everlane offers high-quality goods, including casual basics, utilitarian bags, and handmade Italian leather shoes. Their products are available online at

Outer cover printed on transparent vellum.
Back cover (left) and front cover (right).
Inside front cover (left) and table of contents (right).
Spread one, pages one and two.
Spread two, pages three and four.
Spread three, pages five and six.
Spread four, pages seven and eight. Page eight (right) is the inside back cover.
Back cover, printed on transparent vellum.
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